When someone is injured and a lawsuit results, that lawsuit can be settled when both parties agree on compensation. This compensation is often paid out over time in regular payments, known as a “structured settlement”.

However, life doesn’t always keep to the schedule which structured settlements are distributed, and the periodic payments of a structured settlement may not come fast enough to keep up with your financial needs.

Many would prefer or have a need for a lump sum of cash, rather than smaller payments over time. And you CAN! Selling your structured settlements can get you what you need now – whether it’s for a special day, like a wedding, or for something that has caught you unaware, like the need for a new roof. Even regular bills can pile up faster than the payments come in. Whatever it is, we can help – –  even if you’ve sold some pieces of your settlement to other settlement companies in the past or have gotten a quote from another entity.

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